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Disaster Survivor - Dr. Emmanuel M. Bueno Story

Dr Emmanuel M. Bueno, the medical center chief of the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center (ARMMC), is a Health Emergency Management Staff (HEMS) coordinator since 2003. As such he has been in various disaster scenes not only in the country, but also in various parts of the globe where the Philippines has sent humanitarian teams to assist in medical missions.

In July 2004, Bueno was team leader of the joint Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Department of Health rescue and response team to General Nakar, Quezon that was ravaged by flashflood and landslide brought about by Typhoon Winnie (international name Muifa) and Typhoon Yoyong (Nanmadol). In February 2006, he was team leader of another AFP-DOH rescue and response team to mudslide that wiped out an entire barangay (village) in Guinsaugon, Southern Leyte. A few months later, in May and June 2006, he was a team leader of the AFP-DOH Philippine international humanitarian team sent to the strong earthquake-stricken Yogyakarta, Indonesia. And in January 2010, he was again team leader of the humanitarian team that was sent to Haiti that was destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake.



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